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Castello in Vendita
Very few are the civil architectures, dating back to the Middle Ages, that maintain still intact, after seven centuries of history, not nearly some constructive characteristics, but we could say primarily the charm and the suggestion of their foundation epoch.

Castel Verdelli is one of these buildings: a quick reading of the ancient walls, together with the scarce but significant documentary attestations (in 1297, we have evidences of a "Chasaro" a medieval castle, placed near Montalcino town) suggest that the structures of the original plant may date back to the XIII-XIV century.

In this period, in the context of the Sienese countryside (as well as eternal surrender in the allegory of Ambrogio Lorenzetti's Buongoverno) arose numerous and magnificent rural architectures, halfway between the country fortress and the city palace.

The square nucleus on the north side of the Castle dates back to this season of the Trecento senese (XIV century) in which the salient and most appreciated characteristics of Gothic architecture was codified (think of the Palazzo Comunale and the Piazza del Campo of Siena).

Therefore, the square palatium of Castel Verdelli had to be even higher than the current arrangement (with modern simple roof) and almost certainly ended with a round of blackbirds. This was done to adapt the fortress to the new defensive needs dictated by the use of firearms. The particular openings of the last floor some gunboats, testify to what the documents and missives of the Siena Archive also bear: the castle was a military outpost during the XVI century in the war of national influence between Florence and Siena.

The external walls, which opened the entrance to the castle by a beautiful pointed portal with handmade stone blocks, plugged today, testifies an almost millennial history: many walls were made with the unique technique of "terra cruda" (raw earth) with an exterior lining in very elegant bricks. A real unicum for the construction complexity and the intended use of the building that is still (in the internal structures, in the details and in the frescoed decorations) largely to be discovered.

Giacomo Massoni, University of Pisa
Graduated in Architecture and Building Engineering


Historical and Archaeological research of Castel Verdelli surrounding land

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University of Siena
History of Art and Archaeology Department
release: www.researchgate.net/publication/277372265